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Connecting to your Inner SELF through Stress Elimination for Limitless Freedom.

Eliminating stress isn't a luxury, it's the only way to  live a long, healthy life.


You want to be an amazing badass achiever at work, spend quality time with your family and friends while also creating time and energy for your own interests and inner peace.

You have a demanding career and are trying to be a superwoman to your family. It's no wonder you are stressed and feel completely drained.

It's not surprising either that you sacrifice what you really want to do because you have no time. You're busy being everything to everyone in your life that you are leaving yourself out in the process and you're suffering from that.

Is stress controlling your life?

Do you feel depleted and maxed-out? 

Do you often put everything and everyone else first?


It feels like...

  • A lack of self care.
  • You've reached your breaking point and don't have the energy or mental capacity to turn it around.
  • Your body has built-up toxicity that negatively impacts every area of your life - depleting you of your wellbeing and causing the issues to grow.
  • Low motivation and brain fog keeps you in a constant negative mindset that affects your sleep, inner peace and relationships.
  • Your energy is exhausted at the end of your work day resulting in a lack of quality time for your family life.
  • You're desperate to find a simple sustainable solution that fits into your unique lifestyle.
I get it because that was me too.

All I wanted was to be passionate in my career, and for my family to be happy and have what they needed. I realized the hard way that I could not give up what I wanted in order to create a life I loved, for myself or others, and I definitely could not ignore the stress building up in my body.


Very much looking forward to joining today's event...

...Just had the chance to go over your workbook...BRILLIANT! No wonder your 'method''s simple and rooted in CS (common sense!)

Dr. Crystina Wyler, PHD

I have learned how to put myself first and take time to nurture myself without feeling guilty about it.

Angela - Alberta

Kim was encouraging and supportive. My internal voice tells me I can do anything. My outlook on life is now positive.

Kate - British Columbia's been knocking me down but doing these exercise and using the power within the past few days have been making these things a lot easier to deal with...

Roxanne - Hamilton

Hi, I'm Kim.


I teach exhausted women with demanding lives how to stop sacrificing their own desires so they can restore their energy, joy and work-life wellness by making themselves their #1 priority!


Why am I so passionate about helping women eliminate stress so they can live the life they desire? Because I lived the life of stress and exhaustion, and realized the hard way, that it is not an ideal way to live!

Through love and connection, I have tapped into the Power within and discovered a better way to live - the most desired life that every woman wants and deserves to live.

Now, I am my #1 priority and no longer live with stress. I can honestly say that - it’s 100% true. Today I live with all that life offers (including the pressures) with more energy than ever before, for myself and all those with whom I share my life! I love this way of living! No more anxiety and depression, no chronic illness, no medications and absolutely no built-up stress. I know that you're looking for release from the stress zone too.


I get it - you want everyone in your life to live their best life.

You are so good at taking care of others that you have little time for your own desires. I'm sure you have found that ignoring what you want, in order to 'people please', only puts you further from your goals in life.


You deserve to put yourself FIRST - to create your world, your way, and have it sustain throughout your lifetime!

Well, here's the kicker - Living from the Inside-Out is so simple that you are able to access the life you desire TODAY!


You'll see this method is very different from the cookie-cutter approach you find when you google "how to manage stress". The key is to wipe out stress for good. It's within reach and it's so amazingly easy to access.

Imagine how fantastic you'll feel when you're able to get back to your natural, healthy state.